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Posted on June 14, 2021 by in Business, Employee Benefits

What’s the Future of Employee Benefits?

For the past four years, Sontiq has taken this question and posed it in the well-thought-out survey to the benefits brokers and advisors who are working alongside HR and Total Rewards departments every day. The 2021 Benefit Broker Survey does not disappoint in delivering new insight into which employee benefits are now most in-demand and why. Add to the mix the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace environment, it’s clear that in the span of 12 months, many things have changed, and then again, some things have stayed the same.

The global pandemic has hastened shifts we’ve watched unfold the last four years. While employee wellbeing remains at the top of employer concerns, the definition of wellbeing is expanding to include more than just physical health. The move to remote work has highlighted the importance of mobile apps and access to virtual services like telemedicine. And as everyday services move online, the concerns around identity theft and cyber theft have moved to the fore, and the requested protections have become more specialized.

Exclusive First Look at New Employee Benefits Insight 

Sontiq is offering an exclusive preview of the 2021 Benefit Broker Survey. This year’s survey boasts the largest response rate to date – more than 250 employee benefit brokers and advisors from across the U.S.

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