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Webinar Roundup A New Look at Identity Theft Protection
Posted on April 3, 2018 by in About Identity Protection, Business, Corporate ID Protection, Employee Benefits, ID Protection Tips & Awareness, Identity & Privacy, Personal

For those who missed it last week, IdentityForce held a webinar, A New Look: Next-generation View of Identity Theft Protection. Hosted by our CEO, Steve Bearak, this presentation was designed to cut through all the noise in the identity theft protection market with useful information for both businesses and consumers. Steve covered everything people need to know about the latest threats facing them from cybercriminals and identity thieves, offered tips on how to protect personal information, and gave attendees a preview of IdentityForce’s new user interface and dashboard. Read on for a brief recap or access the full webinar here.

Steve kicked off the session with a recap of identity theft in 2017, a year that saw the most data breaches in recorded history. Here are some highlights:

  • 17 million consumers were victims of identity theft last year – an 8% jump from 2016  Tweet This!
  • Americans reported losing $905 million to fraud in 2017  Tweet This!
  • This number is expected to rise, as 147.9 million records were exposed in the Equifax breach alone

Steve then transitioned into a discussion around 2018 trends, the top 5 scams to be on the lookout for, and what we all should expect for the rest of year.

  • Analysts are projecting that companies will spend $93 billion on information security – the most ever
  • Medical identity theft is on the rise, and a recent study reported that it costs the average victim $13,500 to fix
  • Facebook login details are being sold for just $5.20 on the Dark Web  Tweet This!

After revealing many more frightening statistics and tips to stay protected, Steve discusses how IdentityForce guards our members’ personally identifiable information. He then dives into a quick demonstration of our new user interface and dashboard.

We appreciate everyone who attended, your thoughtful questions, and continuing support of our mission to protect what matters most.

Access the on-demand webinar.

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