Employee Identity Theft Protection

Add a low-cost benefit with high value to your employees. You’ll protect your employees from identity theft which provides real benefits to your business as well.

Identity theft is a growing risk to your company and employees

As one of the most prevalent crimes today, identity theft continues to grow and create problems for millions of Americans every year. With more than 13 million victims a year, odds are that one or more of your employees’ identity will be stolen. This is bad for business. Employees need to be focused to be productive. Identity theft isn’t just an annoying distraction. It is emotionally devastating and will take hours of work to recover.

Offer your employees a benefit they can really use and value

Identity protection is one of the fastest growing voluntary benefits. Employees get the protection they need from the stress and financial hardship of identity theft. Employers reduce productivity loss associated with identity theft recovery. And consider that employee actions put your data security at risk – opening spam, clicking on harmful links – protecting them protects the company. Learn more about the benefits for employees and employers.

An opportunity for agents and brokers

Your clients rely on you to provide relevant, value-add benefits that employees want and need. By adding identity protection to the benefits you provide, you’ll be a step ahead with this increasingly requested benefit. Learn more about how it works here.

IdentityForce – A Smart Benefit for Businesses


The IdentityForce Advantage

  • Stellar Security History with More than 35 Years’ Experience
  • GSA Tier One Provider
  • Trusted Partner of Fortune 1,000 Companies, SMBs and Government Agencies
  • A+ BBB Rating

Program Benefits

  • Flexible Enrollment Options
  • Seamless Implementation
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Interactive Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Exclusive HR Dashboard for Real-Time Reporting