Employee ID Theft Protection

With the increased risk of identity theft, protecting your employees is more than good sense. It’s good business.

Attract and keep the best employees

Your employees know the risk of identity theft is out there. It’s all over the media. With IdentityForce, you give them the opportunity to protect what matters most – their identities, financial future and reputation. With flexible solutions to fit your employee and business needs, they will get the peace of mind they need. Plus timely alerts will be a continuous reminder to your employees that you are helping to protect them.

Protect your business from potential data breaches

Your employees can inadvertently put your company at risk for a data breach by opening emails or clicking on links to bogus sites that could infect your data. When your employees are protected, it protects your company, too.

Reduce employee stress and absenteeism due to identity theft

The statistics tell it all. Victims experience stress and need time to fix the damage resulting from identity theft. Imagine the impact to your business if a key executive or employee is a victim. With IdentityForce, your employees can detect fraud faster and have full recovery services.

Offering IdentityForce identity protection is simply good business

When you provide IdentityForce to your employees, either as a voluntary, employer-paid or shared cost, you’re adding a valuable service. IdentityForce ensures your success with flexible solutions, a dedicated client services team, easy implementation, along with marketing and enrollment support, resulting in an engaging benefit your employee’s value.

As of 2016, the IRS allows a tax deduction to employers for identity protection.


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