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Join Sontiq for an on-demand 15-minute webinar to learn more about what you can do to help your employees through the economic impact of COVID-19 and return them to a more secure financial future.

You will also gain access to the following Intelligent Identity Security tool kit, comprised of impactful solutions, services, and materials, to help protect your employees and their families:

  • Identity Theft & Mobile Device Protection Solution | Learn about the latest services and special employee benefit promotions geared to get your team protected against fraudsters and scammers trying to steal their personal and financial information.
  • Data Breach Services | At a time when privacy and security matter more than ever, prepare your business and employees to respond proactively when a security incident happens.
  • Educational Materials | With a broad range of exclusive assets that address everything from how to identify the latest scams to steps to take if you think your identity has been compromised, Sontiq will help you deliver right-time materials that make a difference.

Join us as we navigate the delicate nature of today’s business environment, how to give your employees peace of mind, while showing them you’re ready to help them protect their good name and all that they’ve built.

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