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Did you know that a major effect for employees who have their identity stolen is the loss of productivity, along with heightened emotional and financial stress? The FTC estimates it can take six months to 200 hours of work per incident to get back to “normal.” More than 50% of organizations want identity theft protection added to their employee benefits mix.

Join Sontiq, the parent company of IdentityForce, for a 15-minute on-demand webinar where we’ll share the latest primary research findings, so your business isn’t left behind:

  • Dangers of the Dark Web | Insight into how the Dark Web impacts employees and their families.
  • Employee Security | Avoid falling short on protecting sensitive employee information that can also serve as a gateway to a business’ systems.
  • In-demand ID Protection | Make sure you know the capabilities that are most in-demand.

You’ll also gain exclusive access to key findings from Sontiq’s 3rd annual report, surveying over 100 employee benefit brokers across the U.S. See how your organization stacks up.

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