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Tired of COVID-19 news? Don’t let complacency impact your future financial health. Scammers never tire of stealing your identity and profiting from all you’ve worked so hard to build.

A recent audit indicates that there are now over 15 BILLION consumer credentials circulating on the Dark Web, and phishing scams have increased by 350% since COVID-19.

Join Sontiq for an on-demand 15-minute webinar where we’ll cover what you need to know to take control as we continue to get through the pandemic:

  • Scammers Aren’t Going Away | Identity thieves want to be you, and they aren’t giving up.
  • The Watchlist | Here’s what’s most valuable to fraudsters, and the ones you need to pay attention to.
  • Relief Plan: COVID-19 Scam Fatigue | Actions to protect all the identities you’re responsible for, from personal to professional.

Watch the on-demand session to gain access to exclusive resources with actionable tips, so you can fight back against scammers right away and protect what matters most.

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