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The stats are real: nearly 148 million consumer records exposed. A year later, your personal information is still out there – if not from the Equifax hack then through the billions of records that have been exposed by other breaches.

Whether it’s financial, Social Security, medical, child, or insurance ID theft, to name just a few, you need to ensure that your business, your employees, your customers – essentially, everyone you care about – is protected. Now is the time to act. Once your personal information has been exposed you are forever vulnerable.

We share:

  • Critical Recommendations | Best practices (and free resources) regarding protecting personal information.
  • Actionable Insights | How business leaders need to protect their employees now and into the future.
  • Employee Benefits Strategies | Why ID theft protection is one of the top progressive perks employee-centric companies everywhere are including in their benefit wheelhouse.

Request the on-demand webinar and receive access to a new Equifax datasheet, along with a number of resources for protecting personal information.  

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