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Work from home. Remote learning. Virtual everywhere. All of this has led to increased use of multiple devices and, as a result, to children also using more devices and having more access to online communities. Increases in gaming and other “virtual” activities also mean an increase in cyberbullying. Not to mention with the expanded flow of data, your personal information is everywhere.

As more personal information seeps into the Dark Web, and scammers continue to target you and your family, view this 15-minute on-demand webinar to learn tips around:

  • Dark Web Ins and Outs | Gain insights into what happens to your personal information on the Dark Web and how to shut down potential compromises that could lead to identity theft
  • Scam and Breach Alerts | Learn three tips for avoiding most popular fraud schemes and how to distinguish the severity of data breaches
  • Privacy Habits | You’ll see the A-B-Cs of working and learning safely and securely from connected devices

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