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You may be eligible for U.S. Navy provided comprehensive credit and non-credit identity protection!

The U.S. Navy was notified on November 22, 2016, by a government contract service provider that it was the victim of a PII breach. Since the incident was identified, the US NAVY has implemented additional security measures and will continue to improve the security of the sensitive information it manages.

We offer multiple layers of protection to ensure the integrity of your identity. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that in the event that your identity is compromised, our certified restoration specialists will guide you through the identity restoration process.

In order to activate your breach coverage, you will have to complete a secure sign up process and answer some question to confirm your identity. The process begins by submitting the PIN code that was provided to you. This PIN code can only be used once and cannot be transferred to another individual.

After validating your PIN code, you will be prompted to answer a few security questions to authenticate your identity, such as: previous address, names of creditors, payment amounts, etc.

Once the secure sign up process has been completed, your breach coverage will be enabled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your breach coverage includes:

Three Bureau Credit Reports

Instant online access to your credit reports.

Three Bureau Credit Monitoring

Spot fraud quickly with daily monitoring of your credit report and alerts you if key changes are detected.

Identity Monitoring

Continuously scours thousands of websites, chat rooms, blogs, the dark web, and other data sources to detect illegal trading and selling of your personal information, and alerts you if a match is found.

Pay Day Loan Monitoring

Alerts you to any payday or quick cash loans that were obtained using you SSN.

Bank Account Monitoring

Notifies you when your personal information has been used to apply for or open a new bank account; or if changes have been made to an existing bank account.

Court Records Monitoring

Continuously searches millions of criminal and court records to determine if your identity has been use by any unauthorized individuals.

Arrest Record Monitoring

Tracks arrest record data from law enforcement agencies to find any criminal offenses under your name and date of birth.

Change of Address Monitoring

Monitors and alerts you if your mail has been redirected through USPS without your authorization.

Social Security Number Trace

Know if your SSN becomes associated with another individual’s name or address.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Know if sex offenders reside in your area, and ensure that your identity isn’t being used fraudulently in a sex offender registry.

Identity Restoration

Work with a certified restoration specialist in the event your identity is compromised to help restore your identity and get on with your life.

Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance provided under policies issued by our third party vendor reimburses you for certain out-of-pocket expenses.