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Sontiq™ Releases 2020 Safe Online Shopping & Scam Awareness Tip Sheet

Online Shopping Expected to Reach $190 Billion as Credential Stuffing, Account Takeover Fraud, and Online Shopping Scams Surge to Steal Consumers Financial and Credit Profiles

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November 12th, 2020

Sontiq, the leader in Intelligent Identity Security, today announced a FREE resource to combat the top scams and fraud, 10 Ways to Avoid Online Holiday Scams. This printable download provides actionable tips to keep sensitive personal and financial information locked down as popular scams, including credential stuffing attacks, account takeover fraud, and online shopping scams, continue to rise.

Record-breaking spending is expected throughout November and December of 2020, with some estimates reaching $190 billion in online sales. During the 2019 holiday season, online purchase fraud increased by 29%, and this year is certainly poised to be even greater.

The extreme volume of ecommerce activity presents hackers, scammers, and identity thieves with a prime opportunity to trick people into revealing personal or financial information. Fraudsters then use these sensitive details to steal money, execute account takeover fraud, and commit a variety of other identity theft and fraud schemes.

For anyone shopping online, during the holidays or otherwise, it is critical to stay alert against scams and fraud. Sontiq’s newest educational resource empowers individuals to ensure they have the know-how to remain vigilant this online holiday shopping season.


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