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IdentityForce Issues Security Recommendations To Protect Against Identity Theft This Holiday Season

Five Consumer Tips for Protecting Sensitive Personal Information

November 8th, 2017

IdentityForce, Inc., a pioneer of identity protection solutions and services, today issued five security recommendations for consumers to proactively protect their identities this holiday season, whether they are donating to charities, volunteering for organizations, sharing holiday cheer on social media, shopping online or applying for a seasonal job.

“It’s been reported that the first half of 2017 had more data leaked or stolen than the entire previous year,” said Steven Bearak, CEO of IdentityForce. “As we head into the busy holiday season, we want to remind consumers of safeguards to protect themselves and their families from identity theft.”

This holiday season IdentityForce urges consumers to be even more vigilant in protecting their identities. Here are the five tips from IdentityForce to help consumers protect their identities:

  1. Be Charitable without Giving Access to Bank Accounts – Conduct research before donating to a non-profit. Be wary of a charity that uses a name closely resembling a well-known organization. If donating online, avoid crowd funding or only donate to those people you know personally as it is extremely difficult to verify where your donation is going.
  2. Volunteer Your Time, Not Your Identity – Many food banks or soup kitchens require a driver’s license or a background check before volunteering. If sensitive personal information is required, ask about their privacy and data security practices. Also, do not sign open-ended consent forms. If this is mandatory, confirm that the forms are encrypted.
  3. Don’t Let an Online Shopping Scam Fool You – Avoid buying from merchants operating websites that are not secure. Hackers may set up websites designed to look like those of a legitimate seller. Before purchasing from them, research the organization and check with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, look for the HTTPS and lock symbol in your browser address bar.
  4. Proceed with Caution When Applying for a Seasonal Job – On a job application, include only your name, address, telephone number, email address and relevant job history. Do not include the SSN, date of birth, or driver’s license number. If an employer requests that information before granting an interview, ask to withhold the information until an in-person interview is possible.
  5. Don’t Overshare on Social – Hackers will try to sell stolen identities on the Dark Web, and often the gateway to gain access to personal information can be via social networks. When posting online, do not provide specifics. Social media identity theft relies on seemingly inconsequential details that can be linked together. The more dates, names and facts shared, the easier it is for thieves to impersonate your accounts. Also, remind friends and family not to share their personal information.

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