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IdentityForce Releases 2nd Annual eBook for Securing Consumers’ Digital Lives

Free Resource Provides Actionable Tips & Best Practices Collected from 40+ Research Reports, Security Thought Leaders, & Industry Analysts

June 6, 2018

IdentityForce, Inc., a pioneer of identity protection solutions and services now in its 40th year of business, today announced the release of its second annual eBook, Protecting What Matters Most: Insights, Trends, and Perspectives for Securing Your Digital Life. The second edition shares the most relevant data and recommendations on how consumers – both at work and at home – can take control of securing their personal information.

“Cyberattacks continue to steal headlines. With everyone connected in our homes, cars, workplaces and schools, an astonishing amount of highly personal data like Social Security numbers, birthdates and addresses can easily get into the wrong hands and lead to identity theft,” said Russ Schrader, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance. “IdentityForce’s eBook provides meaningful value to all audiences – from HR and business leaders who want a resource for their employees to the everyday online shopper who wants to stay safe.”

Like the first edition, this year’s Protecting What Matters Most eBook packs its findings and recommendations into six key pages. It covers steps to lock down personal information from hackers to understanding how smart devices, like Alexa, can compromise your privacy to engaging in a short quiz for evaluating your risk level.

Some notable insights include:

  • Cybercrime is Exploding | It’s been reported that cybercrime is generating at least $1.5 trillion in annual revenue, making it increasingly lucrative for hackers to keep stealing data.
  • Dark Web is getting Darker | The public web is now only four percent of the internet and a typical identity is valued around $1,200 on the black market.
  • Out-smarting Smart Devices | With 1 million children’s identities stolen in 2017, smart toys are under attack, along with fitness and payment apps. Especially with more than 60 percent of Americans using these devices and apps, both in their home and at their workplace.

“Our research team continually publishes rich resources equipping consumers with must-have knowledge to protect themselves, their families, their employees, and essentially anyone they care about, against identity thieves,” said Donna Parent, Senior Vice President, Marketing at  IdentityForce. “From our free monthly newsletter to our regularly published blogs and webinars, being a trusted source for building ongoing awareness is a strategic imperative for IdentityForce. Our Protecting What Matters Most eBook aligns directly with this commitment.”


Download the second annual Protecting What Matters Most eBook here, free of charge.

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