Customer Identity Theft Protection

In today’s online world, where everything we do from shopping to banking, leaves our electronic footprint for criminals to steal. Offering IdentityForce to your customers is a great way to generate additional, recurring revenue while simultaneously providing a value-added service that meets a real need. Partner with confidence — it’s a win-win opportunity.

Partnership Experience

For businesses of any size that want to protect customers, members, and employees from the increasing threat of identity theft, IdentityForce offers flexible solutions. For more than 35 years, we’ve been a leading provider of comprehensive identity, privacy, and credit protection with simple, guaranteed solutions for government agencies, and businesses like yours.

Partner for Success

You can provide customers with complete protection and gain additional revenue from this industry-leading solution. Leverage our proven partnership experience and program-building expertise. Our flexible architecture allows for easy integration. Optimize customer acquisition and retention with custom reporting. Choose from branded, private label, and data syndication options.

Identity Theft Facts:

  • 13+ Million Victims
  • $15 Billion Stolen
  • Another Victim Every 2 Seconds

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