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Identity Theft Protection Checklist

It’s easy to get bogged down with too much information when doing research, especially when you want to ensure that you are selecting the best identity theft protection service. Be sure to do your research, and read identity theft protection reviews to better understand the options available. To help guide you, following is a brief list of the six most important things your search should include.

Does Your Identity Theft Protection Provider Include:

Both Identity Protection and Credit Report Monitoring?Identity protection and credit monitoring go hand-in-hand. Comprehensive protection that searches for unauthorized use of your identity in the dark web and public records and suspicious activity on your credit report will reduce your risk by increasing your chances of catching problems early.
Rapid Notification of Suspicious Activity?Let’s face it, no one wants to discover six months down the road that they’ve become a victim of identity theft. By then, the damage has already been done. A service that proactively alerts you to suspicious activity in a timely manner will greatly reduce liability by catching problems early.
Privacy Protection Tools for Your Online Activities?
Your computers are also at risk, which is why anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software is so important. It will help protect you from malware and add that extra layer of security you need when using the Internet at home or on the road.
Frequent Access to Credit Scores and Reports?
It’s important that you be aware of any changes to your credit scores or reports. Merely checking them once or twice a year is not enough. You want a service that gives you the option to check at least 4 times a year.
Fully Managed Restoration and Identity Theft Insurance?
Be sure that the service you choose is committed to managing the restoration of your identity if you become a victim of identity theft. They should manage it for you every step of the way so you don’t have to. Find out under what circumstances and in what amounts you’re covered by identity theft insurance, as well. Are there limitations?

Complete Coverage for You, Your Spouse, and Children?
Adults aren’t the only ones vulnerable to identity theft. In fact, children are preferred targets for identity thieves because they don’t have credit reports associated with their names. Often, it takes several years before any crimes are detected. Subscribe to a service that offers you complete coverage for you and your family.


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