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Our Connected Worlds Puts Us All at Risk

Your personal information is everywhere. So are the criminals who want it. You’re not able to watch anything 24/7, so how can you ensure that your personal information is always being protected?

Credit card monitoring isn’t nearly enough. Being alerted of a fraudulent transaction by your credit card company isn’t going to tell you how a thief may have already applied our personal information to commit identity theft – from tax fraud to medical records being compromised to new account takeover fraud, to having loans being taken out under your children’s social security numbers. It’s also not going to tell you if your personal information is being bought and sold on the dark web.

Approximately 1 out of every 4 adults are victims of identity theft and witness an average loss of about $3500 in each instance. The damage of ID theft can be devastating and the fall-out hard to contain.

Some of the ways your personal information can be obtained may surprise you. Everyday transactions such as credit card purchases or using an ATM are opportunities for theft. Just browsing on the internet can heighten your risk. Or, completing some school forms for your child.

IdentityForce is the answer.

IdentityForce offers proven identity, privacy, and credit solutions, with 40+ years of experience to get the job done. With our identity theft protection service, members are protected continuously as we scan the dark web, monitor new account openings, and alert you of any suspicious activity against your identity.

We’ve been recognized as a Gold Stevie Award winner for best new product, and earned the People’s Choice Stevie Award for favorite new product. Outside of selecting the best identity theft protection service, we regularly provide guidance to our members on what they can do to safeguard their personal information. Here’s what we recommend:

Deleting Shed the unwanted risk of computer files you no longer need by deleting excess clutter.
Create Strong Passwords No two passwords should be the same — remember, the most unhackable passwords are 12 characters consisting of random strings of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.
Get a Password Manager Another great security asset is a password manager, which enables you to create a unique and strong password for every secure website — great for personal and business use!
Beware of
Public Wi-Fi

If you absolutely must use public Wi-Fi for sensitive transactions, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN); this encrypts your transmissions; at home ensure your Wi-Fi is secure.
Stop Clicking Randomly Hackers put out links to lure people into clicking — triggering a virus download — so be vigilant.
Know Your HTTPS If you’re going to a website that has http instead of https in its URL, realize that no “s” means the site is not secure; this doesn’t mean it’s malicious, but an “s” is a sign of security reassurance.
Use 2FA Two-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security for your accounts, requiring a one-time code sent to your phone or email address prior to login.

Do an Operating System Reinstall At home, an annual reinstall will clean things up, speed up your computer, and get rid of bloatware; at work, ensure your security policies include standards around requiring regular system maintenance and upgrades.
Use Credit Card Chips Try to make sure that you are using credit cards that have chips, both at work and personally, as they are more secure than swiping.
Protect Your Home and Business Consider adding security cameras; place security company signs and window decals in plain sight; install motion sensor lights and top-grade deadbolts.

Maximum Identity Security, Protection that Works
We are committed to helping individuals, families, employers, and our partners protect personal information and remove the emotional stress and hardship identity theft can have on people everywhere.

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