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Today’s Digitalized World   

Protecting Personal Information Everywhere

Whether for work or personal use, the inaugural eBook, Protecting What Matters Most: Insights, Trends, and Perspectives on Protecting Your Digital World contains something for everyone.

In just 6 pages, we’ve curated more than 50 resources to bring you the top findings and recommendations on securing your digitalized world, both at work and at home. Some key findings include:

  • The percentage of identity theft cases originating in the workplace
    is estimated to be anywhere between 30% to 50%
  • 60% to 80% of SSNs are estimated to have been stolen by hackers
    and nearly 40% of all spam emails sent in 2016 contained
  • The average large enterprise has 2,000+ unsafe mobile apps
    installed on employee devices

There’s even an exclusive security protection list provided by our CEO!