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Protect What Matters Most.

A New Era in Protecting What Matters Most

Whether for work or personal use, the second edition of our eBook, Protecting What Matters Most: Insights, Trends, and Perspectives on Protecting Your Digital World contains something for everyone.

Identity theft protection ebook

In just 6 pages, we’ve curated more than 40 resources to bring you the top findings and recommendations on securing your digitalized world, both at work and at home:

    • Cybercrime is Exploding | Cybercrime is generating at least $1.5 trillion in annual revenue, making it increasingly lucrative for hackers to keep stealing data.
    • Dark Web is getting Darker | The public web is now only four percent of the internet and a typical identity is valued around $1,200 on the black market.
    • Out-smarting Smart Devices | With 1 million children’s identities stolen in 2017, smart toys are under fire, along with fitness and payment apps. Especially with more than 60 percent of Americans using these devices and apps.

There’s even an exclusive security protection list provided by our CEO and a quiz to assess if your identity is at risk!

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