Identity Theft Risk Quiz

If you don’t have complete identity protection, you run the risk that your identity will be stolen. Today, there are many ways for criminals to get your information: social networks, data breaches, search engines, computer viruses, even rummaging through your garbage. While you can’t prevent criminals from accessing your personal information that’s already out there, you can make it more difficult for them to use it against you. Take this short quiz to find out if you’re doing all you can to prevent criminals from stealing your identity.

A Force Field of Protection

1I use my mother’s maiden name, my birthday, or social security number (SSN) as a password.
2I carry identification with my SSN on it such as my Driver’s License, Medical Insurance, or social security card.
3I receive pre-approved credit offers in the mail.
4I do not shred all sensitive papers listing my personal information.
5I enter sweepstakes or contests that request my personal information.
6I have my SSN and/or Driver’s License Number printed on my personal checks.
7I place telephone orders on my mobile phone.
8I have not checked my credit report in the last year.
9I do not destroy expired or unused credit cards.
10I use my debit card whenever I can.
11I have my checks mailed to my house.
12I give my personal information over the internet.
13I do not review my monthly bank or credit card statements.
14I do not have a firewall installed on my home computer.
15I reply to requests to update account information over the internet.
16I share my personal information on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Total: Yes / 0 No / 0

None of these apply to me. Great job! You’re doing all you can to prevent criminals from stealing your identity. You obviously realize the serious risks involved from identity theft.

1-4 of these statements are true. You have an elevated risk of being a victim of identity theft. Remember, you must be vigilant. Check your credit report regularly and look for any suspicious activity on your credit card and bank statements.

5-9 of these statements are true. Your risk of identity theft is high. Criminals will put a target on your back, especially if you have good credit. It is essential for you to practice good habits to protect your personal information and scour your financial accounts and credit reports. Join IdentityForce today and protect yourself before you become a victim of identity theft.

10 or more of these statements are true. You are severely at risk. If you aren’t a victim of identity theft already, you almost certainly will be. It is critical that you do everything you can to reduce your vulnerability: closely examine your credit reports, consider placing a credit freeze on your credit files so no one can open new accounts, and check with Social Security to make sure no one is siphoning off your benefits.