Identity Theft Restoration and Insurance

Identity Restoration Specialists

IdentityForce provides complete, comprehensive identity theft restoration services from Certified Protection Experts available 24/7. Specialists don’t only assist with identity restoration, they save you literally hundreds of hours by completing all the paperwork, making calls, and doing all the heavy lifting to make sure your identity is restored. We’ve got the expertise to support you through this challenging process.

Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft is very emotional, costly, and time-consuming. Identity theft insurance guarantees that you recover certain out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages if your identity is stolen. You’ll be glad you have experience and expertise behind you if you ever fall victim to identity theft.

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Lost Wallet Assistance

Quickly cancel and replace credit, debit, and ATM cards if your wallet is lost or stolen. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can stop fraudulent charges and order replacement credit cards by easily accessing your information online with Lost Wallet Assistance.

Restoration service requires subscriber to sign a limited power of attorney