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Leading Tech Company Enhances Benefits With Identity Protection


A computer graphics company specializing in PC, mobile and cloud architecture, employing several thousand employees in the United States.


In the competitive graphics computing industry, the employer was looking for a meaningful benefit to attract and retain the best employees. Their goal was to identify a benefit that employees wanted and would provide true value. At the same time, the employer recognized the threat identity theft presents for their employees and their families, as well as the continual risk of a data breach for the employer.


IdentityForce presented a proactive, comprehensive identity protection solution that met the employer’s needs:

  • The employer chose IdentityForce’s premier service UltraSecure+Credit, to provide each employee, as a 100% employer-paid benefit.
  • IdentityForce provided a data breach guarantee, a unique feature to protect the employer should IdentityForce experience a breach.

Why IdentityForce

The employer had a wide range of requirements that only IdentityForce could meet:

  • Easy Integration: The employer needed a solution that could easily integrate into their existing HR platform. IdentityForce’s rapid on-boarding process combined with its efficient and flexible implementation process aligned perfectly with this requirement.

  • Trusted: The employer’s industry is heavily regulated and they wanted an Identity Protection partner that possessed a stellar history of compliance.

  • High-Touch: With IdentityForce’s online and phone enrollment, live on-site training sessions and webinars, and co-branded marketing collateral and communications, the employer felt confident their members would receive high-touch service levels and ongoing support to achieve successful outcomes.


IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit is one of the employer’s top 10 benefits. It has:

  • Immediate Protection: 100% of employees are enrolled and protected from the first day of employment with restoration services and $1 million identity theft insurance.

  • Easy Administration: Quickly and seamlessly integrated with existing HR platform in time for enrollment.

  • Free Protection for Children: Provided free identity protection for kids and a voluntary option to protect additional adult family members at a low monthly fee.

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For nearly 40 years, IdentityForce, Inc. has provided top-rated, highly scalable, award-winning identity theft and privacy protection solutions to consumers, businesses, and government agencies. A pioneer of identity protection, IdentityForce’s innovation and customer-centric approach has made the company a trusted partner for both organizations and individuals. Learn more about IdentityForce’s employee benefit solutions and how you can easily add identity protection as a benefit for your employees today.

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