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Your Clients Deserve the Best-in-Class Identity Theft Protection
IdentityForce has some key distinctions:

  • Free ChildWatch | With every employee benefit plan – whether family or single sign-up – we will cover children and young adults 25 and younger living in the same household – for no additional cost.
  • Breach Guarantee | If your client’s organization were to have their own data breach, we offer an Exclusive Breach Guarantee, providing white-glove restoration services to any of their employees affected by the breach for 12 months. All at zero cost to their company – regardless of whether the benefit was voluntary or employer paid and regardless if the employee enrolled with us.
  • Pre-existing Coverage | We cover pre-existing ID Theft at no additional cost. On day one of the effective plan date, we can assist those employees who may have had their identity compromised previously.

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