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Why Consumers & Businesses Will Love Protecting Their Digital Financial Wellness with Sontiq’s IIS Platform

Identity fraud has a multi-billion dollar impact on consumers every year. As fraud and scams constantly change, you need to continually evolve the way you fight against cyberthieves – both for yourself and for your customers. Sontiq’s unparalleled Intelligent Identity Security (IIS) platform focuses on protecting every component of an identity in today’s highly volatile digital world where security incidents, cyber threats, and data breaches are the norm.

Join our on-demand 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • Why a New Approach is Needed for Today’s Rapidly Evolving Cybertheft | How fraud and scams quickly escalate, and what cyber fraud trends are on the horizon targeting your digital financial wellness
  • How Sontiq’s Critical Threat Detection Can Mitigate Fraud | Which actions make the most impact to reduce identity security threats now and in the future, and how you can take control with Sontiq’s streamlined approach to identity protection and fraud resolution
  • The Back Story of Sontiq’s New Cloud-based Platform | How Sontiq’s tech-enabled platform delivers products and services built to combat ID theft and cyber threats through a highly scalable, intuitive, and innovation-led set of capabilities and modern user experience, molded by in-depth research