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15-min On-Demand Webinar

Virtual offices, online shopping, COVID-19 vaccination cards, and surveys, credit card fraud, unemployment, and tax fraud, data breaches, and data leaks – the list goes on…and on. We’re all vulnerable – but what do you do when you realize your personal information has been compromised? Who should you go to first? Whether it’s you, a family member, colleague, employee, client – a stolen identity means hours upon hours of work, hassle, and stress.

Join Sontiq for this unique behind-the-scenes 15-minute webinar. You will hear from Sontiq’s Restoration Team on what you should do immediately, along with a few real-world cases of identity theft and resolution:

  • Steps to Restoration | Sontiq’s restoration services have earned best-in-class industry recognition – learn the steps we take to quickly help you get back to pre-condition status
  • Real-world ID Theft and Resolution | Hear from Sontiq’s expert Restoration Team on some of the most common, and also, unique, instances of identity theft and the steps taken for 100% remediation
  • Actionable Tips, Free Resources | Proactive protection is key. You’ll gain access to exclusive resources, including tip sheets, on how to keep all those you care about safe against today’s hackers and scammers