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Unemployment ID fraud is the #1 identity crime in 2021 —tax ID theft is #2 — with a staggering volume of incidents happening across the entire U.S., costing taxpayers over $200 billion in fraudulent payments. Understand this rapidly growing scam trend and its connection to personal data exposure, plus gain insight into how to protect all the identities you’re responsible for.

Join Sontiq for this 15-minute on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Detecting the Undetectable | Uncover the warning signs that may indicate your identity is at risk, and how to reduce the opportunity for hackers to take advantage
  • Reclaiming Your Identity | What to do when you are faced with an identity crime, and how to recover 100%
  • Getting Serious Protection | How to keep scammers away from your identity, and your wallet, with proven methods for safeguarding your personal and financial data — for yourself and your family