Identity, Privacy and Credit Protection for Your Family

We insure our homes, our health, our cars and it’s just as critical that we protect our personal information with the right family identity theft protection plan. In the age of electronic data and the internet, our personal information circulates faster than ever, and there are criminals ready to take advantage.

Do you or your family…
  • use the internet?
  • shop, search for jobs, conduct business, or socialize online?
  • use ATMs?
  • use credit cards?
These simple, everyday things we do, that are such a part of our lifestyles today, leave us vulnerable to identity theft. Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the U.S., with more than 11 million victims last year alone. Identity theft impacts people of all ages, ethnicities, and income. It can destroy your credit so you can’t get a phone, car loan, rental, or mortgage. It can destroy your finances and reputation in its wake and takes countless hours to try to turn it around.
Do you or members of your family…
  • have credit cards that you no longer use?
  • put credit card or loan offers in your recycling?
  • leave mail in your mailbox for pick-up?
  • carry your social security card in your wallet?
  • have your social security number as your driver’s license number? or write your social security number on checks?
IdentityForce has you covered. Millions of people trust us to keep their identity safe, earning us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. So, leave it to us, we make it easy to protect what matters most: you and your family! Learn more about protecting your children.

* No one can prevent all identity theft