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It’s time to ensure you have the best identity theft protection for your business. Whether you want to stand out with a high-value and progressive benefit for your employees, need a rapid and thorough response to a data breach or want to offer identity protection to customers or affiliates, award-winning solutions from IdentityForce will fit your needs.

Employee Benefits

Identity theft services are among the fastest growing employee benefits, as it demonstrates that the employer cares about their employees and helps to further retain and attract top talent. As one of our customers told us, “This goes beyond free lunches and gym memberships – we’re showing how we care about the emotional and financial wellness of our employees.” We not only work alongside talented HR teams, but also partner with their benefit brokers as well to roll-out either during off-cycle or open enrollments.

Breach Services

In the event of a data breach, we provide immediate response, communication, and support, for any organization. If you’re a business, your reputation is at stake, which is why our breach services provide you the assurance, confidence, and increased protection you need to feel safe again.


For government agencies at the federal, state or local level, having a partner you can trust to provide comprehensive identity protection in the event of a data breach or as an employee benefit is critical. A comprehensive and rapid response to a security incident is vital to rapidly addressing identity theft and restoring the identity of those who have been affected by a breach. IdentityForce is a GSA Tier One approved supplier of credit monitoring and credit report solutions, risk assessment and mitigation services, independent risk analysis, breach analysis, and comprehensive protection solutions. Providing identity theft protection memberships as a benefit to all past, present, and future employees not only monitors and protects employee data, it’s an added value to working within your government agency.


For our strategic partners, we have solutions for businesses and organizations to provide identity theft protection services for customers, employees, and the audiences you serve and engage with every day. Members of our affiliate marketing programs can offer IdentityForce to their communities and generate a new, recurring revenue stream for your business.

Your Feedback is Important

We’re committed to hearing what our members and customers have to say about our services, and how we can continually improve and innovate. We welcome you to send any recommendations or questions you have to our team.

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Did You Know?

The U.S. IRS treats ID theft protection as a non-taxable, non-reportable benefit that companies can offer.


Executive Brief

As healthcare costs rise, so does the financial squeeze on your company and your employees.



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