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Protect What Matters Most.

A Benefit That Strengthens Relationships

As a trusted adviser to your clients for the best employee benefit programs, offering IdentityForce strengthens your position as a thought leader and innovator. You’ll be providing your clients with a valuable and increasingly popular benefit. We understand you want to ensure you select the best identity theft protection for your clients.

Stand out.

Offering IdentityForce is a differentiator for you. Employees need it. Employers are adding it to their voluntary benefits with greater frequency. Chances are, if you aren’t including it, your competition is.

Grow your business.

When you include IdentityForce, you can re-engage with your clients and target prospects with a benefit employers are recognizing a need for. We make it easy with no minimum case sizes, guaranteed issue so everyone qualifies, no underwriting, and attractive commissions.

IRS now allows tax deduction to your clients who provide identity protection.

As of 2016, employer-paid identity theft protection is recognized as a non-taxable, non-reportable benefit which reduces the cost to your clients for providing this benefit.

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