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You Need IdentityForce’s RapidResponse℠

Nothing can shake your business like a data breach. Your customers, your employees, even your reputation are at risk. And no matter how careful you are or what security measures you have in place, breaches still occur — with alarming frequency.

We hear about the major breaches — retail, healthcare, tech industries – but no business is completely safe from the ever-increasing threats. In 2017, data breaches increased by 45% with 174 million personal records being compromised.

For a RapidResponse℠ due to a breach, contact us first

A data breach doesn’t have to be catastrophic. RapidResponse by IdentityForce delivers a cost-effective, scalable and customized data breach solution that can be implemented within days, or even hours in urgent situations, of a breach. When you notify us, we’ll jump into action with an effective plan for your needs:

  • Identity, privacy, and credit protection for victims
  • 24/7 phone support for ID theft victims
  • Fully managed identity restoration services

Your company receives support through:

  • Phone consultation with a data breach expert to develop a plan
  • Formal notifications to affected population
  • Competitive pricing

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