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Identity theft is a serious and escalating problem for both employers and employees. Identity theft imposes tremendous costs in terms of lost productivity at work and personal stress. As a result, Identity Protection Services (IDPS) have quickly become a high-value employee benefit. Workers may need to spend dozens to hundreds of hours to restore their personally identifiable information, so any steps you can take to eliminate that potential headache likely will be paid back many times over in improved employee morale and loyalty. Learn more here about protecting your employees and how to select the best identity theft protection.

An opportunity for agents and brokers to provide ID theft protection to clients.

Your clients rely on you to provide relevant, value-add benefits that employees want and need. By adding identity protection to your benefits package, you’ll be a step ahead with this increasingly requested benefit. Learn more about offering IdentityForce to your clients.

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You can learn more about IdentityForce’s UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit products. We also have additional product packages available for employers who want to provide identity theft protection for their employees. You may also request a no-risk, 30-day business trial to see how IdentityForce can provide you and your employees with world-class capabilities built to protect what matters  most.

Please contact us to discuss special employee benefit pricing and to learn more about IdentityForce’s employer paid and voluntary packages, flexible pricing options, complimentary and unlimited ChildWatch identity protection for any organization that offers IdentityForce as an employee benefit, and much more.

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