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It’s not easy selecting the best identity theft protection provider. Aside from comparing features and services, it’s important to take other factors like business integrity, regulatory and compliance history, and identity theft prowess into consideration.

Below are the five key areas we’ve found many businesses like to explore during an evaluation process:

Do Your ResearchStart by gauging how responsive the company is in terms of answering your questions or participating in a due diligence process. Always look at who is behind the identity theft protection vendor — is it privately held, with owners’ personal reputations on the line, versus a big company that may be beholden to outside interests? Is there continuity within their senior leadership team?
Rock-solid ReputationMake sure that your identity theft protection partner has a clean regulatory and compliance history. Identity theft security is an industry beset by false advertising claims. Partner with only the most reputable organizations.
Flexible PricingThere is a major advantage to offering identity protection services as an employee benefit. Find an identity protection provider who will work with you and your team to provide a pricing model that works within your budget and time frame. Most services should be available for immediate roll-out so your employees don’t have to wait for open enrollment or onboarding.
Comprehensiveness of Services
It’s important to ensure that the most important services are included, such as child identity theft protection and mobile app availability. It may be tempting to select a service based on price, but comprehensive coverage matters more when an incident occurs.
Continuous EngagementUnderstanding how your identity protection partner handles onboarding and ongoing education is important. You want to be sure that your employees are taken care of from pre-enrollment through registration, and for the life of their membership. Make sure that the benefit is portable when employees retire or separate from your company.

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