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Credit Card Fraud is not Identity Theft

When a fraudster obtains your credit card information, your credit card company may notify you first. Your account number may be updated and the credit card company will typically wipe out any fraudulent charges. You may even choose to exert a credit freeze, but that alone, won’t protect you from 80% of identity theft that may still occur.

Identity theft involves much more than a few fraudulent charges. Identity thieves can steal your personal information to open a new line of credit, open a new credit card, or obtain a false ID in your name. Unlike credit card fraud, there’s no safety net. That means you might end up paying for all the damage caused by an identity thief.

Key differences show need for identity theft protection.

Identity theft has a much deeper impact, emotionally and financially, than credit card fraud:

  • It’s an attack on everything you’ve built. It’s much more than a few fraudulent transactions on a credit card statement. When your identity is stolen, thieves can use your personal information to cycle through any number of scams ranging from tax fraud to medical identity theft to new account openings.
  • Our connected lifestyles put us all at risk. We’re all online and essentially connected everywhere, anytime. From phishing scams trying to gain criminal access to your personal identity to regular breaches online that compromise your identity security – technology is not just an enabler to make our lives easier, it’s why identity theft is so prevalent today.
  • It hurts more than just your credit. Unlike credit card fraud, which can be caught quickly, identity theft is often impossible to catch early. Especially for children – when their personal information is attacked it can take well over a decade to uncover. For many identity theft victims, it can take years to unravel and fix the damage, not to mention the emotional and financial toll.

Be proactive and don’t let credit card fraud turn into identity theft.

Alerts from your credit card company could be early warning signs that your identity has been compromised completely. Safeguard yourself against any level of danger, whether it’s just an annoyance or a large-scale risk and ensure you have the best identity theft protection and that you understand how proactive credit monitoring works. IdentityForce’s identity theft protection services offer tools to protect your personal information. And if credit card fraud ever escalates to identity theft, IdentityForce provides complete, comprehensive restoration and recovery services, with Certified Protection Experts who are U.S.-based and available 24/7 to get your good name back in order.