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There’s a Difference Between Credit Monitoring and ID Theft Protection

You may be wondering how credit monitoring differs from identity protection. Credit monitoring is one aspect of identity protection and only monitors changes to credit reports. And, once you see this change to your credit report, you can no longer minimize the impact of a potential fraud incident. Additionally, credit monitoring, won’t proactively alert you to when new accounts are opened under your name – you’ll see it after the fact on your credit report.

Identity Protection monitors personal information in public records, social media networks, the Dark Web, and people search sites. Another important difference is that credit monitoring is reactive. In other words, it only alerts you after fraudulent activity appears on your credit report which can be 30 days or more after the activity. However, identity protection can alert you when a new application is being submitted such as for a car loan, new mobile account, or home mortgage. It’s important to understand the core capabilities that make up comprehensive ID theft protection.

Credit Monitoring Isn’t Enough

Credit monitoring alone does not protect you, your family, and all those you care about from identity theft. Below is a short video further demonstrating the difference between credit monitoring and identity protection.

Enrolling in credit monitoring may make some people feel protected from identity thieves, but in reality – it’s not enough to provide you with complete peace of mind that your personal information is safe. Comprehensive ID theft protection includes proactive monitoring of all the critical components that make up your digital identity. Let us show you how IdentityForce, the #1 consumer-rated identity theft protection service can help you protect what matters most.

IdentityForce for both Credit Monitoring + ID Theft Protection

We’ve built top-rated, innovative capabilities that continue to be #1 ranked throughout our industry. Additionally, with Sontiq Restoration built into all of our products, our IdentityForce members receive full, white-glove restoration services to reduce the damaging effects of all types of fraud, theft, misuse and unintended exposure of personal and financial data.

Here’s what you also get, in addition to our Credit Monitoring services:

  • Social Media Identity Monitoring | We live on social media so it’s critical to receive alerts indicating inappropriate activity and posts.
  • Public Record Monitoring | From changes to your address to court records, you’ll know if your public information has been compromised.
  • Dark Web Monitoring | Scours thousands of underground websites, chat rooms, and blogs for any compromised personal information.
  • Investment Account Alerts | Rapid notification around deposits, withdrawals, duplicate transactions, or balance transfers related to your 401(K), brokerage, and financial accounts.

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