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Account Takeovers are On the Rise

Fraudulent new account openings and account takeovers happen when a criminal takes your personally identifiable information, such as your email address, usernames, passwords, Social Security number, or snail mail address, to gain access to financial accounts. The fraudster can then have account communication rerouted, keeping you in the dark so that the theft can continue longer. Whereas with credit card fraud, a criminal has a limited amount of time to act.

Pay attention to financial statements, and protect your account credentials.

With account takeover fraud on the rise, now is the time to learn how to further protect yourself and your family. Here are a few tips:

  • Be vigilant with usernames and passwords; don’t use the same credentials for multiple accounts.
  • Change your passwords frequently (every few weeks if possible, or at least monthly).
  • Use a password manager to help secure your accounts.
  • Pay attention to your financial statements and ensure you are receiving them regularly.
  • It’s still wise to balance your bank account monthly.

Protect your accounts and all your sensitive personal information.

With IdentityForce’s maximum identity security at your fingertips, you’ll have the power to receive virtually real-time, proactive alerts when anything is happening around any component of your identity. We also offer online PC protection tools, such as anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software that prevents malware from stealing sensitive data such as your username, password, credit card number, bank account details or other sensitive data that you type on your PC keyboard.

Learn more today on how to ensure you have the best identity theft protection. View IdentityForce’s products and pricing here.


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Did You Know?
Roughly 60% of fraudulent attempts and transactions originate from mobile devices.

Source: RSA



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