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Child Identity Theft is a Growing Problem

Children are increasingly victims of identity theft. According to a study by Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab, children are 51 times more likely to be a victim of identity theft than adults. Additionally, the toll on these families overall is estimated to be about $540 million in out-of-pocket expenses.

Parents need to be diligent about how and where they share their child’s personal information. For example, submitting social security numbers on school forms and athletic registrations are all areas of vulnerability. Children’s personal information is even being sold on the Dark Web for $300 a record.

Here are just a few ways criminals can use children’s social security numbers:

  • Apply for government benefits
  • Open bank and credit card accounts
  • Apply for a loan or utility service, including a cell phone account

Child identity theft can go unchecked and unnoticed for years, only to be discovered when your child starts to apply for loans or credit cards. By then the toll could be devastating with years and years of defaulted accounts.

IdentityForce ChildWatch Logo - Employee BenefitsWith ChildWatch, IdentityForce makes it easy to ensure your children are protected.
With an adult membership, you can select ChildWatch as an additional service. And, for organizations that offer IdentityForce identity protection as a benefit to their employees, ChildWatch is included.

How ChildWatch works to protect your children.

In the event of suspicious activity, your child’s alerts and messages are sent directly to your own IdentityForce identity protection dashboard, so you can view all alerts in one place. By protecting yourself and your family, you’ll get the peace of mind you need. ChildWatch includes:

  • Thorough and ongoing identity monitoring
  • Award-winning Social Media Identity Monitoring Suite
  • Child Credit Activity Monitoring alerts you if a credit file exists for your dependent or if new activity is detected.
  • Fully Managed Restoration
  • $1 Million in identity theft insurance and fully managed recovery services

How to protect children from Identity Theft.
To learn more about how you can further protect your children, visit our Member Support area under Identity Theft 101.

You can also enroll now with the best identity theft protection solution to protect your children.

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Did You Know?

Parents and legal guardians are allowed to freeze their children’s credit for free at each of the major credit bureaus.


“6% of all identity theft victims are under the age of 20.”

Source: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)