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Posted on October 25, 2017 by in Identity & Privacy, Personal

With about 1 billion websites, the growth of the Internet is exponential and it’s only getting bigger. According to, a site that developed a statistical method for tracking the number of pages indexed by major search engines, the indexed web contains at least 4.58 billion pages as of October 2017.

However, there’s an area of the Web that is unindexed and difficult to access. It’s also very popular for purchasing illegal contraband including hacked databases. This is known as the Dark Web.

In the Dark Web there are no regulations or protection. Although not everyone is using the Dark Web to engage in illegal activities, it has a history of also being leveraged as a platform for political dissidents and corporate whistle blowers. The Dark Web is best known for its virtual bazaars full of products ranging from illegal drugs and social security numbers, to ready-to-install viruses and hackers for hire.

Your Stolen Identity Lives on the Dark Web

According to a New York Post article from June, Keeper, a password management app, claims that hackers have stolen around $100 billion worth of personal details since 2010. They estimate that each hacker makes around $41.47 per hour by cracking into valuable databases.

And, if you are curious about what the Dark Web looks like, here’s a screen shot of one store that trades personal information records – with phone numbers, addresses, date of birth, gender, dollar amount of loan requested, and emails – all for about $2 a record.

dark web data dump store

The same New York Post article mentioned above said that Keeper found out how much other personally identifiable information was being sold for:

  • Most expensive is a complete medical record – gaining up to $1,000.
  • A driver’s license would make someone $20.
  • Your Netflix password will go for around $3.05.

And, what’s most troublesome is that the New York Post article indicated that children are 35 times more likely to have their identity stolen.

Identity Monitoring for the Dark Web

At IdentityForce we have key capabilities built to rapidly uncover if a member’s identity is being bought and sold on the Dark Web. We do this by offering:

  • 24/7 Monitoring | Continuous scouring of thousands of websites, chat rooms, blogs and other data sources to detect illegal trading and selling of your personal information.
  • Proactive Dark Web ID Theft Detection | Running comprehensive scans, across unindexed sites frequented by hackers and cyber criminals, to detect if any of your personal information (which may include social security number, driver’s license, mother’s maiden name, phone number, email addresses, bank account and routing numbers, credit and debit card numbers and medical identification numbers) appears.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Visibility | And, from our mobile app, our members can review their financial and personal information so that they can spot fraud quickly and stay on top of their key financial account activity. Members using IdentityForce Mobile also have visibility into their personal account information and whether there is any dark web activity.
  • Rapid and Smart Notifications | Alerting you rapidly of any suspected fraud and providing you with actionable next-steps.

Learn more about what happens to Personally Identifiable Information after a breach, and how IdentityForce can help you, your family, your employees, and your customers protect what matters most. You can also view our 2-minute video below that will provide you with additional insight into how IdentityForce’s award-winning identity theft protection works.