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A Mobile App Designed and Influenced by Our Members

2017 Golden Bridge Awards logoWe take identity protection personally — and so do our members. That’s why our members played a pivotal role in the design and development of IdentityForce Mobile. Members can now take their identity theft protection anywhere — whether they are travelling overseas, away on vacation, or just don’t want to be tethered to their desktop computer.

IdentityForce Mobile’s user interface seamlessly matches IdentityForce’s new desktop experience launched in March 2018. You’ll now have expanded access to see monitoring of passport number and driver’s license, along with credit score information updates, if available (members can request updates every three months).

Once the mobile app is downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, it takes just three steps to gain full account access. It’s as easy as entering your User ID and Password and then tapping the “Login” button.


Explore our Mobile Application

Stay informed

View your alerts and notifications instantly with one touch details, including access to understand the current state of Social Media Identity Monitoring (SMIM) status for networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

“IdentityForce developed a mobile app by asking members what they wanted and needed. A rare quality.”
~ Jason S., Fort Wayne, IN

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Stay Connected

Spot fraud quickly and receive alerts with financial and personal information protection.

This is a great app! Very well thought out — and I enjoyed being a preview tester.”
~ Gerald P., Brooklyn, NY

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Get Immediate Access to Credit Scores and Tips

IdentityForce Members with accounts that include credit monitoring have immediate access to credit scores and tips to help understand the ratings.

“IdentityForce Mobile is very user friendly.”
~ Jesse H., Chicago, IL

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Security Matters

Our top priority is your security, and through IdentityForce Mobile we use both Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and
Touch ID.

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Although it sounds technical, two-step verification — Also called Two-Factor authentication, or 2FA — is very simple. Instead of the usual Login involving only a User ID and Password, Members will receive a second form of authentication — a verification code — delivered by email, text, or phone.

Entering Login information, IdentityForce
Members can opt to Remember User ID within
the mobile app and activate Touch ID
or facial recognition.


Now deemed faster yet more secure than a 4-digit passcode, Touch ID is a fingerprint sensor and is becoming the de facto standard for proof of identity.

Facial Recognition

Includes the ability for members to either select fingerprint or facial recognition depending on phone model.

Mobile Touch

After 40 years in business, we’re proud of the legacy we continue to build by providing our Members with world-class technology combined with 5-star personalized support.

We’re not just identity protection, we are YOUR identity protection partner.

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