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We made it easy to adjust the frequency of the types of alerts you’d prefer to be getting. To do so, sign into the Dashboard, go to the My Services tab, and then click the Edit button under the Bank and Credit Card Activity section. From there, select the Alert Preferences tab.

  • IdentityForce sends alerts based on four types of transactions [purchases, withdrawals, transfers, and duplicates] – each can be turned on or off individually in Alert Preferences.
  • Within Alert Preferences, you can also set limits for each type of transaction [i.e. Alert me if a purchase is over $300]. To reduce the number of alerts, raise the alert setting [i.e. Alert me if a purchase if over $500 or $1000, etc.]
  • You can also reduce the number of financial accounts monitored by removing accounts in Alert Preferences.

Some alerts are more urgent than others, and may require different actions for you to take. That’s why every alert you get also includes What Should I Do? which recommends next steps for you to take. So you’ll always know where your time and attention should be spent.